Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hollywood and History: Costume Design in Film, by Edward Maeder, Alicia Annas, & Satch Lavalley. 1987

This book is, in part, an exhibition catalog for a show mounted at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Its format is a collection of essays about the movies the stills are from, and a lot of wonderful pictures. The main areas covered are makeup, period films, and science fiction films where the costume designers have envisioned future fashion. I really enjoyed the book; my favorite section, of course, being the one historical films. I knew there were lots of costume errors in film but I’d never realized how many- and how bad- some of them were. The costumes are beautiful, but not period correct; even ‘Gone With the Wind’ had some problematical costumes and I’d never noticed them. Great fun! 

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