Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Whispered Tales of Graves Grove, edited by J.S. Bailey & Kelsey Keating. BHC Press, 2017

This is a collection of short horror stories, but it is a sort of concept album: The editors created the town of Graves Grove, gave it a short backstory, and then said Go! Every story is set there, there are some repeating characters, and an assortment of various supernatural beings. As with any anthology, there are some stories that were rather weak, and others that were good- a couple very good. Depending on what your taste is in supernatural and horror, you will surely find something enjoyable in this book. I only felt a couple of stories were poor. Some have graphic violence but most are lower key; some have mainly a feeling of horrible dread. A nice, solid collection. 

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Neither of these things influenced my review.  

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