Sunday, July 3, 2016

Bright Bazaar’s Dream Décor: Styling a Cool, Creative, and Comfortable Home, Wherever You Live, by Will Taylor. Jacqui Small LLP, 2016

Taylor wants your home to make you smile, to be personalized to suit your taste, which is as it should be. I always find it bizarre when someone has a decorator bring in every detail of a room from stores. He has a definite touch, and even though he presents eleven different styles, they all have similarities. He really loves white and blue. It’s a common element in several styles. He’s big on texture, especially on walls. There are lots of industrial touches, especially in the lighting fixtures. He’s big on furniture from the mid-century. All the houses are perfectly neat and tidy- despite the emphasis on displaying things that you love, the homes are all rather spare.

The first part of the book presents Taylor’s seven parts of design: color, pattern, texture, furniture, lighting, storage, and display. Photos of the eleven houses illustrate each element. Then we are presented with the eleven styles and homes.

The book is extremely well put together. It’s physically a joy to hold, with the heavy covers and thick paper. The photography is wonderful. It’s laid out well. It’s a great book- but most of it isn’t to my taste. I like more color on my walls and more ‘stuff’. His displays are, as he says, ‘curated’ (is anyone else really tired of that term?!) and mine aren’t so much. To me, the book is a great starting point- I’d just pile more color and stuff into the houses. 

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  1. Will see if library has it. Checked out two different "Apartment Therapy" books. Bored to tears.