Sunday, November 30, 2014

Medical Management of Diabetes Mellitus, edited by Jack L. Leahy, Nathaniel G. Clark, and William T. Cefalu. Marcel Dekker. Inc, 2000

This is a medical textbook, so it’s a lot more technical than diabetes books written for the lay person. It gives the actual mechanism of what happens in diabetes; the types of diabetes, what causes them, the role of diet, exercise, oral medications, insulin, and islet transplants. It deals with the complications of diabetes in detail- eye problems, kidney failure, skin problems, cardiac and vascular issues, foot problems (if you don’t have a strong stomach, skip that chapter- there are some very graphic photos of foot ulcers in it), nerve function, digestive issues, sexual issues, pregnancy and more- since diabetes screws up every part of your body, there is a lot to cover. It doesn’t go deeply into anything but provides basics, but it’s still far more detailed than you’ll find in a book aimed at the non-doctor. The authors do use medical terminology, but what they use is easily looked up on line. Of course, one of the authors states that the average American reads and comprehends only at the fifth grade level, so I guess doctors will be surprised if a lot of us are reading this book! 

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