Saturday, November 12, 2016

Shaken and Stirred: Intoxicating Stories. Everyman’s Pocket Classics. Borzoi Books, 2016

Part of the ‘Everyman’s Pocket Classics’ series of themed volumes, ‘Shaken and Stirred’ is a collection of stories about drinking. The volume features authors of the last two centuries, and includes Dickens, Twain, P.G. Wodehouse (my favorite in the book), F. Scott Fitzgerald, Vladimir Nabokov and many more. Some stories are light and funny, but, as can happen in real life, alcohol leads to sorrow- or at least, unhappiness- in many of them. Because of this, I found it hard to read the book for very long at a time; the unhappy circumstances of many of the characters got to me. I know too many people in real life who have had their lives made miserable by alcohol. I was expecting something more light-hearted, in the vein of Wodehouse’s Jeeves entry. A good book, but read it in small doses. It’s a lovely little volume, with a delightful cover illustration and a ribbon bound in for keeping one’s place. 

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  1. Sounds like there are some cautionary tales. The list of authors would make me want to give it a try though.