Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Invisible Library, by Genevieve Cogman. New American Library, 2016

Irene is just getting back from a mission, and looking forward to a bath and a good rest. But a message pops in that tells her she’s up for another mission- immediately. Irene works for- is a member of- The Library. Not some building full of books, DVDs and computers for the masses, but a super-secret place that lives between dimensions. They collect rare books. For what purpose I’m not entirely sure, but apparently they can change the course of events.

Irene’s mission doesn’t seem unusual- go steal a book from a dimension that’s a steampunk Victorian London. To help her she is paired with an intern, Kai, who is noble, good looking, and possibly more than he seems to be. But their contact turns up dead, the book is stolen before they can get there, and all sorts of mayhem breaks loose. The cast of characters includes a Sherlock Holmes sort, a titled fairy, a titled vampire, werewolves, and an old enemy. Part of the mayhem includes airships, mechanical centipedes, and cyborg alligators. It’s got so much going on that I cannot begin to remember it all- the action never stops!

I liked the characters, especially Irene. She’s strong and pretty much all business- although not above noticing a good looking man. She knows her craft well, and is a good mentor to Kai. There is some trace of Mary Sue-ism, but not to the annoying point. She’s well done.

This is the first of a series set in that world (although being part of the Library means they *could* move to other worlds), and I hope the author can keep stories tight. In a world where pretty much anything can happen, it would be easy to over-do the barrage of big events happening. This one is great, and would make a great movie. 

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  1. Maybe I'll wait for the movie. I think it is easy for me to get lost in a plot like this.