Monday, June 27, 2016

Cat Catalog: The Ultimate Cat Book, ed. Judy Fireman. Workman Publishing, 1982

“Cat Catalog” is an overview of fall aspects of cat owning: history, legends, cats in art and literature, breeds, shows, reproduction, health, feeding, play, and products made for cats. That last bit is quite out of date, of course- these days, instead of just a few kitty boutiques, there are hundreds of Etsy sellers devoted to cat ‘stuff’! But most of the rest is still just as pertinent today as in 1982 (other than the part on feline leukemia- there is a vaccine now). Cat anatomy has not changed. There are several entries that are fairly unique to a cat book: cats in art, words and phrases inspired by cats, cats and writers, a very sad tale of losing a cat, cats as familiars, cat poems and fables, and the like. Those were the entries that really entertained me, having not found them in other books. But the best bit, to me? The first two pages of the book, before even the title page; it’s a diptych of funny cats by Edward Gorey. 

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