Sunday, May 15, 2016

Audrey and Givenchy: A Fashion Love Affair, by Cindy de la Hoz. Running Press, 2016

This is a tiny book with LOTS of photographs, like a coffee table book that got hit by a shrink ray. While long on photos, it’s short on text, but it says all it needs to. Audrey Hepburn, the irrepressible gamin, was the perfect muse for Hubert de Givenchy. Her face and figure were unlike those of the movie stars of her time; slim, with big eyes and an elegant bone structure, she was boyish yet totally feminine. She had a certain energy that made you unable to look away from her in films.

Givenchy’s fashions fit her style perfectly. In films, they emphasized the traits of the characters she played. He dressed Hepburn in many of her movies, and they were best friends in real life. His clothes inspired her to be the characters in the movies, while she inspired him to create elegant yet modern fashion- including his first perfume.

It’s a fun little book; if you’re into film or vintage fashion you’ll love it. 

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