Thursday, March 20, 2014

Shadowplay, by Laura Lam. Strange Chemistry, 2014

‘Shadowplay’ returns us to the world of Ellada that the author created in ‘Pantomime’. Micah Grey and Drystan, having escaped from the circus after the multiple deaths, need to hide out. Drystan takes them to the home (and former theater) of master magician Jasper Mask, who has been retired for many years after losing a bet with a rival magician. Mask takes them in and agrees to teach them magic while they hide from the people who are hunting for both the young man Micah and the young woman Iphigenia, not knowing they are one and the same, both genders in one body. They manage to find one of the people who are hunting them, but there is second one, who is much shrewder and better at hiding their identity. And it’s getting harder to hide as another bet of the master magician’s pulls them into the limelight.

Ellada is like a far future Earth, where extremely sophisticated technology exists only as relics, curiosities, and shards, while the people live rather like we did sometime between the Middle Ages and the Victorian age; a post apocalyptic Renaissance Faire. The world is very interesting and appealing, as are the characters. There are so many unknowns, from what Micah might mean to the whole planet to what the blue glass domes that are strewn through the city are. I am dying to know how this trilogy turns out!

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