Sunday, April 7, 2013

Evil Jester Digest, edited by Peter Giglio. Evil Jester Press, 2012

Most anthologies leave me with very mixed feelings; I’ll like a couple of the stories, a couple will be awful, the rest are just blah. This one surprised me; I thought all twelve stories in it were good. There are some very unique ones in the group and the stories don’t rely on just gore for their horror. There are some zombie stories, of course- can’t have horror these days without zombies- but they have refreshing takes on zombies. There is even a zombie fairy tale! Definitely worth reading if you want some better than average horror fiction. 


This was a free e-book from Amazon. The fact that it was free in no way influences my review. The above link is an affiliate link; if you click through and buy the book, I receive a tiny amount of money.

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