Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Business of Food, by The Reference Shelf. H.W. Wilson, 2013

This book, part of The Reference Shelf series of books, is a small volume of essays- all by different authors- on the various aspects of the food business, from farming issues and the organic movement, the growing desire for local foods, celebrity chefs from Julia Child to Bobby Flay, the popularity of cooking shows, GMOs, food critics, cookbooks, and the restaurant business. While it sounds like fodder for a boring convention, it’s actually very interesting. Problems like getting healthy and affordable food into poor areas and how farm laborers are treated are examples of the big issues in food, while the sociological aspects of foodie culture another side of today’s food landscape. A good read for anyone thinking of getting into any aspect of the food business. 

Not a link. The book is only available from the publisher, and they sell to libraries and schools. Your library should be able to interlibrary loan it if they don't have it on the shelf. 

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