Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tentacles An Anthology, by Eva Lefoy, Don Larson & Haley Whitehall. Smashwords, 2012

‘Tentacles’ is a small gem of an anthology. The four stories are all written around the theme of tentacles, but that is the only thing they have in common; all give you the creeps in a very different way. ‘Solar Pioneer’ is a short space opera where an attempted rescue operation goes horribly awry- ‘Alien’ has nothing on this story! ‘Mr. Sweede’ doesn’t have the crashing action of the first story; instead, it has a horror that creeps over you in a near physical way. ‘Zaural’ is a work of hard science fiction; it’s not horror but has a kind of weird beauty to it, while ‘The Sacrifice’ is, while horrifying in a way, quite touching and funny, too. If you have a love for the slimy, creeping tentacle, read this book! 


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